Good news today. Scott Adams.

Let's see how much good news we can put in one blog entry.  For today only, skip the usual negative comments and leave only optimistic thoughts based on real trends and actual news items. I'll start. Remember to suspend skepticism for just one day. My examples focus on the United States because I know it best. Feel free to expand.

Energy: Amazingly, some say the United States is well on its way to being energy self-sufficient, thanks in part to huge new oil fields in North Dakota and hundreds of other developments in conservation and green energy. One good example is a recent discovery that the United States has far more geothermal 
potential than anyone predicted.

Crime: On a historical basis, it's low. And if the trend of public opinion about legalizing marijuana continues, one entire category of crime will disappear. We're near the tipping point.

Healthcare: It's better than at any time in human history. Doctors can successfully treat more problems than ever. It's expensive, but arguably there has never been a better value for your dollar.

Inflation: It's low.

Housing costs: If you have a job, it's a great time to be shopping for a house. If you own one, prices have stabilized in some regions.

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Source: Mark Perry.

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