The Empirical Data for Human Progress through the Liberal Enlightenment

"This data shows that human life in general is better today in at least twelve ways:

(1) There are more lives and longer lives.
(2) Life is healthier
(3) Life is richer and less impoverished.
(4) Life shows more equality of opportunity.
(5) Life is more peaceful.
(6) Life is freer.
(7) Family life is better.
(8) Life shows technological progress.
(9) Life is more environmentally sustainable.
(10) Life is more enlightened.
(11) Life is more virtuous.
(12) Life is more complex."

"The great danger here is that if we do not recognize the human progress brought to us by liberal norms and institutions, we might become so fearful and angry that we will turn away from our liberal principles and embrace the illiberal rhetoric of a demagogue who promises to save us."