12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free

Multitud de cursos en inglés sobre diversos temas: ciencia y salud, negocios y dinero, historia y cultura, derecho, matemáticas, y otros temas.

Por ejemplo sobre historia y cultura:


University of Washington’s OpenUW – Explore a variety of learning in several free history-centric online courses from the University of Washington.
Notre Dame OpenCourseWare – Notre Dame OCW is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners throughout the world.
Bio’s Best – Biography.com’s most popular biographies on notable historical figures.
UC Irvine OpenCourseWare (Social Science) – Rapidly with the addition of nearly 10 new courses every month. Many of our OCW offerings are directed at working adults seeking continuing education, with the option to enroll in instructor-led, for-credit courses, related to the OCW content.
Boston College Front Row (History) – Boston College Front Row is a Web site that offers free access through streaming media to tapes of cultural and scholarly events at Boston College.
MIT OpenCourseWare (History) – The MIT History Faculty offers about 70 subjects in the areas of Ancient, North American, European, East Asian, and Middle Eastern history.
Wikiversity School of Social Sciences – Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning.
OpenLearn (Arts and Humanities) – The OpenLearn website gives free access to Open University course materials.
A Biography of America – A Biography of America presents history not simply as a series of irrefutable facts to be memorized, but as a living narrative of America’s story.
Have Fun with History – A resource for students, educators and all lovers of American History.
The USGenWeb Project – Free genealogy and family history resources online.
MacroHistory and World Report – Tell without illusions or ideological restraints the story of our ancestors, our parents and us.
World History HyperHistory – Navigates through 3000 years of World History with links to important persons and events of world historical importance.
American Digital History – Online American history textbook. An interactive, multimedia history of the United States from the Revolution to the present.

Aquí pueden encontrar muchos más cursos en inglés y español.