Enlaces 28.02.2014

Nacionalismo: Conjunto vacío, por Arcadi Espada.
Ahora, al final de la escapada, aún quedan españoles nerviosos que consideran que algo hay que darles a cambio, que alguna propuesta... Miran, patéticos, su fondo moral o el de su cartera, para ver qué les queda. Pero no hay nada allí. No es, en realidad, que los nacionalistas fueran a despreciar cualquier migaja que quedara, henchidos por un orgullo patriótico que les llevara a decir o la independencia o nada. Quia! Si hubiera algo, bien se aprestarían a atender durante otros diez años. Son gente práctica.

Pero no hay nada.
La soledad, por Santiago González.
Covite va a presentar hoy ante la corte penal de La Haya una denuncia contra ETA por crímenes de lesa humanidad. La lectura del informe produce escalofríos: 11.000 asesinatos, 858 consumados y el resto en grado de tentativa, 24 de niños; España no ha enjuiciado ni perseguido adecuadamente a los autores, de lo que se ha derivado la impunidad que afecta a casi 400 casos. Exactamente 326 asesinatos permanecen sin esclarecer judicialmente.
North Korea: UN Commission documents wide-ranging and ongoing crimes against humanity, urges referral to ICC.
Violations of the rights to food and to freedom of movement have resulted in women and girls becoming vulnerable to trafficking and forced sex work outside the DPRK. Many take the risk of fleeing, mainly to China, despite the high chance that they will be apprehended and forcibly repatriated, then subjected to persecution, torture, prolonged arbitrary detention and, in some cases sexual violence. “Repatriated women who are pregnant are regularly subjected to forced abortions, and babies born to repatriated women are often killed,” the report states.
The 20 worst things people have done to each other.
White's numbers are scary enough, but in his book The Better Angels of our Nature, Steven Pinker has extrapolated them to today's population. This was done by finding the per-capita death rate at the midpoint of the event's range of years, based on population estimates from McEvedy and Jones. (See chart in this link).
The petrostate of America, in The Economist.
A world in which the leading petrostate is a liberal democracy has much to recommend it. But perhaps the biggest potential benefit of America’s energy boom is its example. Shale oil and gas deposits are common in many countries. In some they may be inaccessible, either because of geology or because of environmental fears: but in most they go unexploited because governments have not followed America’s example in granting mineral rights to individual landowners, so that the communities most disrupted by fracking are also enriched by it. Become a champion of a global fracking revolution, Mr Obama, and the world could look on America very differently.