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Thoughts on earned legalization and the Heritage immigration study, by Madeline Zavodny.

A legalization program makes the economy more efficient. Beneficiaries of 1986’s IRCA legalization program saw their wages rise by 6% to 13% after earning legal status. Most of those gains resulted from moving into better jobs. This points to efficiency gains: Unauthorized immigrants are stuck in a limited number of sectors because they lack legal status. Acquiring legal status benefits not only them but also the broader economy because it makes better use of the skills of people who are already here and participating in the labor market.

New MRUniversity class on Great Economists, by Tyler Cowen.

Among other topics, we cover mercantilism, the Ricardian model, J.S. Mill, and provide video annotations of every single chapter from Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Malthus, Torrens, Dupuit, Cournot, Friedrich List and many other luminaries are well-represented. Marx will someday get a class of his own but he is not in this one, apologies to anyone concerned.

The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn! By NEUROBONKERS.

The report is quite a heavy document so I’ve summarised the techniques below based on the conclusions of the report regarding effectiveness of each technique. Be aware that everyone has their own style of learning, the evidence suggests that just because a technique works or does not work for other people does not necessarily mean it will or won’t work well for you. If you want to know how to revise or learn most effectively you will still want to experiment on yourself a little with each technique before writing any of them off.

Puentes más inusuales del mundo, por Fernando Arancibia.

Puente Octavio Frias de Oliveira El Puente Octavio Frias de Oliveira es un puente atirantado situado sobre el río Pinheiros en São Paulo, Brasil, inaugurado en mayo de 2008. El puente tiene 138 metros de altura y conecta Marginal Pinheiros con la Avenida Jornalista Roberto Marinho en la zona sur de la ciudad. La forma de “X” que emerge hacia el cielo posee 76 metros de ancho en su base y 35,4 metros de ancho en su parte superior.

Es el único puente en el mundo que cuenta con dos carriles curvados apoyados por el mismo mástil de hormigón simple. El primer carril se encuentra a una elevación de 12 metros y el segundo a una altura de 24 metros, con una longitud aproximada de 900 metros cada uno.

Puente Octávio Frias de Oliveira

En defensa del CO2 y contra el alarmismo climático, por Antón Uriarte.

El CO2 es un gas benéfico. El que aumente unas dos partes por millón al año es bueno para la vida del planeta.

Esta es la composición actual del aire atmosférico en partes por millón:

En mi cuarto tengo en este momento 578 ppm.

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