Fixing of precast concrete columns to foundations.

By Vaclav Vimmr and Zahra Sharif.

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Precast Concrete system offers many potential advantages over cast in-situ structures, therefore there is an ongoing interest in prefabricated element design and their connections. Two most frequently used technologies for fixing prefabricated columns to foundations are pocket foundation and column shoes. The aim of this study is to compare both technologies from various points of view.

Structural design and structural requirements according to Eurocodes will be presented including provisions for seismic regions. Another aspect that will be covered for each system is the consumptions of basic materials, e.g. concrete and steel, with regard to additional requirements such as special type of concrete and additional reinforcement, advantages and disadvantages of both systems during the erection process, workmanship demands and geometrical accuracy and provisions related to both discussed systems how to reach required accuracy with regard to 3D rectification possibilities. Cost comparison based on the field experience of construction companies and evaluation of various influencing factors will be covered.

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