Support of underground excavations in hard rock. 1993. E. Hoek, P.K. Kaiser and W.F. Bawden

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by Dr. Walter Curlook.
Inco Limited.

‘Support of Underground Excavations in Hard Rock’ is the most complete and up-to-date manual for use in the design of excavations and support mechanisms for underground mines.

This work resulted from close collaboration between industry and university in the fields of pre-competitive research. The mining industry provided funding and advisory support through the recently formed Mining Research Directorate (MRD). The Universities of Toronto, Laurentian and Queen's, under the direction of Professors Hoek, Kaiser and Bawden, provided the stimulus and facility for carrying out the tasks. These professors were assisted by some 40 engineers and graduate students who researched knowledge sources and experience world-wide.

The final product includes three computer programs: DIPS, UNWEDGE and PHASES. These programs were funded jointly by the mining industry, through the MRD, and by the Universities Research Incentive Fund.

This Canadian book and the associated programs should prove to be an invaluable contribution to the training of mining engineers and technologists at universities and colleges throughout the world, and should prove extremely useful to underground mining practitioners, everywhere. The overall focus is directed towards more productive, safer and environmentally sound mining operations.

The book ‘Support of Underground Excavations in Hard Rock’ testifies to the willingness of Canadian industries and universities to collaborate in the field of pre-competitive research and learning, to jointly pursue excellence, and to work together towards the economic and social betterment of our society.

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